Recent Before & After Photos

Faulty Sprinkler System

This entire office building was affected by water after the fire sprinklers went off during installation. The company in charge of installing the sprinklers had... READ MORE

Urgent Care Toilet Overflow

This was a flooded urgent care office as a result of an overflowing toilet. The majority of rooms in the building had standing water. We came in and began the e... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Lagrange, NC

This is the result of an electrical fire in the microwave. At the time that the fire started, the homeowner was not home and the microwave was not is use. The f... READ MORE

House Fire in Pink HIll, NC

This was a home we did fire restoration on after a small house fire. The entire home had very heavy smoke, soot and odor. Our production team was able to get th... READ MORE

Church storm damage

We were called out to a local church to do dry out following a winter storm and below freezing temperatures for several days. We were able to extract most of th... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes

During our last winter storm we had lots and lots of busted water lines from sub-freezing temps. This home was just one of many. They had a pipe freeze and bus... READ MORE

Emergency roof tarping

Did you know that we do emergency roof tarping? Roofs can be tough to repair under the best of circumstances. Throw high winds, heavy rain, or icy surfaces into... READ MORE

Water damage in Kinston

This commercial building suffered extensive water damage in Kinston. In business, we know how important it is to get back up and running as soon as possible. We... READ MORE

Water damage in the garage

When you think of busted pipes, you often think of flooded bathrooms or basements. Water damage in a garage can be just as costly as if it were in the main stru... READ MORE

Busted pipe?

When a water pipe bursts, you need help fast. We understand that water damage emergencies are impossible to predict, which is why we are available 24 hours a d... READ MORE